Warmth is Overrated

This morning we woke up nice and early to catch the sun rise over a very cold Lake Tekapo (we drove there yesterday, but it didn't really warrant a blog post). The temperature was hovering around -5, so we entertained ourselves while waiting for the sun to creep up by cracking frozen puddles with our feet. Eventually we were rewarded with a bright red sky over snowy mountains though.

We grabbed ourselves a couple of coffees before leaving Tekapo, and hit the road to todays destination - Mount Cook. We absolutely lucked out with the weather too. Crystal clear skies gave us a stunning view of the mountain with Lake Pukaki in the foreground.

As we got closer, the snow that had been hovering around the tops of the mountains began to get closer and closer to the road - until eventually it was right on top of us.

We reached the Hooker Valley track by around 1pm - so had to get moving quickly if we wanted to be able to return with any daylight. Thick snow and ice made walking the 10km round trip tricky, but it really was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen.

Just as the day started with the sun rising over mountains, it finished with it setting behind them. Tonight we're set up at the mouth of the Hooker Valley, completely surrounded by snow. It's set to hit -8 overnight, with more snow rolling in tomorrow morning. Getting off the mountain could be interesting (we don't have snow chains...), but there's worse places in the world to be stuck!

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