The Ballad of Samwise Vangee

The grand finale! This morning we woke up just outside Arthurs Pass, maybe half an hour inland from the West Coast. After scrubbing down Samwise Vangee, and getting him presentable enough to return to the good folk at Mighty Campers, we ventured off east towards Christchurch.

We copped a super cloudy day to be doing Arthurs Pass, but it didn't really take away from the beauty of it. This was one of my favourite drives on my trip last year, so it was great getting to see it in a different light this time around.

Once I'd run out of batteries (I think the last photo pretty much sums up the droning experience of the trip - me obnoxiously flying around, and Zach patiently waiting in the van), we wandered a bit further down the road to Castle Hill for one last hike.

This afternoon we rolled into Christchurch, said our goodbyes to the real hero of the tale; Samwise Vangee - and checked into a hotel just outside the airport. All in all, absolute belter of a trip. A massive thank you to the big man himself, Zach Dyson for generously putting his life on pause and joining me on this adventure. Until next time NZ.


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