Glaciers Are Cool

As we prepare for the final leg of our journey - waking up in Franz Josef this morning we found ourselves asking "how do we wrap this thing up in a big way?".


The answer was hop into a helicopter and belt around some glaciers for the morning. We made a few phone calls, and before we knew it we were in the back of a chopper and zipping up for a 40 minute lap of the Fox & Franz Josef Glaciers.

After spending the morning flying around these giant pieces of ice, we eventually hit the road to our next destination; Jackson's - a little town just outside of Arthurs Pass.

After setting up camp at Jackson's Retreat just outside of Arthurs Pass (note the one van in the whole place - we have the run of the mill), we were told we could go for a walk in the forest after dark to check out some glow worms. We received crystal clear instructions at the time on where to go and what to do to find these worms, but we were too excited and ignored every word. We probably should have listened,  because what eventually happened was us stumbling around thick forest for over an hour in pitch black trying to find a way out. Eventually we tracked down the road and made our way back to camp, but lesson learnt!

Tonight also marks our last night with Samwise Vangee, as we'll be returning him to Christchurch Airport tomorrow. For now though, we still have one last adventure through Arthurs Pass together.

Photographer at @valleypeakweddings & @explorevalleypeak. Two time university dropout. Owner of at least three shirts.