A Nine Letter Word Starting with "F"


Off we go, the big trek! In some respects, this is what we've been heading towards the entire time. Fiordland and Milford Sound are the end of our road before we start the journey back towards Christchurch (by way of the West Coast, we're not done yet!). Located just west of Queenstown, the only thing stopping you from simply popping over to Milford Sound for a quick cuppa and then hitting Fergburger again for an early dinner are a couple of mountains. Unfortunately, these mountains are enormous and turn what could be an hour trip into twelve. We made a couple of days out of it. First night, Cascade Creek - about forty minutes outside of Milford Sound, and deep in the heart of Fiordland National Park.

After an incredibly icy night, we woke up to a fairly remarkable morning. Snowy mountains and pink skies right outside our window. We rolled open the van door, had our coffees and set off on our way just after the sun started flooding the campsite.

Bless the good folk who patrol the Milford Road - it was absolutely covered in black ice, but appropriately marked out by whoever was up early enough to catch it. What could have been a tricky drive was incredibly comfortable in the end. We hadn't originally planned to have a boat tour of the Sound, but after arriving and seeing the weather we'd lucked out with - we couldn't pass it up.

Tonight we're set up in Te Anau - the last major town before Milford Sound. Tomorrow we'll make the trip back to Queenstown where we'll be spending another night (that's right, we've already been there - I'm merging the days into one post next time).


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