Alps to Ocean

It still blows my mind that a day in New Zealand can start like this...


And end like this...


How can one country have such varied landscapes in such a small space! It's just not fair.

Anyway, let me recap on the last few days - because I've missed a fair few things. The first being the glaring absence of Queenstown in my photos. We definitely went there! A few times, too. We stopped in for a night on the way down to Milford Sound, and once more on the way back on our way to the West Coast. I still maintain that Queenstown is the most beautifully located city in the world, I've never seen anything quite like it. I didn't end up taking that many photos this time around though, instead I just enjoyed it. We hit Fergburger, we enjoyed the Luma Festival, we got stuck into mulled wine at the lake. I did take a few shots, but most of my time was just spent enjoying one of my favourite places in the world.

We did make one more stop on our journey from Milford Sound to Queenstown, and this one was kind of a big deal for the Lord of the Rings fans in us. One of my favourite scenes in the films is the ending of "Fellowship of the Ring", and wouldn't you know it, about an hour off the main road you'll find Mavora Lakes - the location for that entire scene (as well as a bunch of Fangorn Forest scenes in "The Two Towers").

Last but not least on this absolute jumble of a post, the mammoth trip from Queenstown to Franz Josef; where I'm putting all of this together now. It really is one of the most picturesque drives I've ever done, but because of the length (around five hours) - constantly stopping for photos can be difficult when you're trying to get to your destination before sunset. We did manage to find a few opportunities to pull over though and have a quick spin on the drone.

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