A Straight Shot to Wanaka

Diesel heating is a wonderful, wonderful thing - last night was cold. We popped out for a few night photos after dinner, but it was quick back to the van afterwards!

This morning we woke up to a beautiful crisp day. No snow, just sun on the mountains. I didn't take any digital photos, but I did burn through half a roll of Agfa Vista - so I should have some cool shots to develop when I get home. I've been shooting a little bit of film while I've been here, but I've got another 10 or so rolls to get through - including two rolls of CineStill 50D which I'm keen to give a try!

Today was very much a "drive to the next place" kind of day. We had breakfast in Twizel, and then belted straight on through to Wanaka, stopping only at Lindis Pass for a bit of a leg stretch and to get some photos.

We're set up at Wanaka for the next two nights, so after a bit of a rest afternoon - we'll be back in full swing tomorrow.

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