Shot on iPhone

Just over a month ago I received a comment on one of my Instagram photos asking if that particular shot could be featured on their account. This happens from time to time, and the process is usually pretty straight forward. "Yep, go for it - just make sure I'm credited" is a fairly typical response from me. This time was different. After a rigorous submission process, and several back and forth emails confirming the origin/authenticity of the image, this happened...


#ShotoniPhone by Kyle P.

Needless to say, I was pretty stoked (although I'm absolutely kicking myself for not originally posting the image from my main account!).

After reading through some of the comments, I began to notice a pattern. So many people seem to think that photos like this can't possibly be taken on an iPhone, and that the image was trickery on Apples part, using a much more expensive camera. I can absolutely assure you, any iPhone made in the last five years is more than capable of capturing a photo like this.

So over the last few days, I've been taking a few photos in different scenarios and saving them up for this post. Everything is completely shot and edited on an iPhone X - no additional hardware, no expensive cameras. My go to apps for creating shots like this are Halide Camera for capturing RAW images (their notification centre widget for quickly launching the camera is insanely handy!) and Lightroom Mobile. Granted, Lightroom is a costly month-to-month subscription; so if you can't justify that - try out VSCO. Both are excellent at handling RAW files.

These three tools should be enough to get you started. Play with them, touch all the settings, try to break them - do everything you can to know these apps back to front. Having the best equipment isn't a barrier to taking great photos anymore. Actually getting out and trying is.


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