You go, Glencoe-coe!

Earlier this week I hopped on a plane in London and made the one hour flight to Glasgow. From there I picked up a rental car (Mercedes-AMG A-Class no less!), a tent, a sleeping bag and started driving north on my week long solo camping trip in the Scottish Highlands.

From the moment I landed I was fighting an uphill battle. A brief tip for anyone ever considering visiting Scotland in the summer - check the weather. Just do it. I did not. I packed for summer. It was decidedly not summer. It was very much a mild "Melbourne" winter, with a lot of rain. It wasn't the end of the world, but I certainly did a lot more shoe drying over the course of the week than I had planned for!

My first destination on this trip was Glencoe, a beautiful range of mountains in the middle of Scotland.

After what ended up being around five hours of driving, my final destination was on the horizon. To get there though, I had to pass through a little town called "Kyle of Lochalsh". It's absolutely bizarre driving through a place with your name and seeing things like the "Kyle Vet" and "Kyle Butcher".

After stopping for a coffee and fuel, I crossed the bridge down the road for where I would spend the next few days hiking and camping. The Isle of Skye.

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