Walter Scotts Wild Ride

So here was the plan - everyone find your way to Edinburgh for the weekend. A simple enough objective, but approached in three different ways.

Carmel, Lisa & Mark would leave on Wednesday morning, making their way by car and stopping at Harrogate for a night along the way. Sarah and myself would fly from London on Friday night, and our cousin Candice would also fly Friday night, but leaving from Paris.

The ones driving made it up in good order (and by all accounts had a delightful time), but the three of us flying were all caught up in the storm that finally broke the London heatwave.

Sarah and I were lucky - our flight was only delayed by four hours. Candice on the other hand was hit by severe flooding, and ever growing delays - which eventually became flat out cancellations. Sadly, there were no other flights to be booked; and she didn’t make it to Edinburgh.

We arrived to our hotel at around 2am, and when we woke up the following morning we were greeted by a really nice little town house on the Royal Mile.

The weather was on and off today, with rapid fluctuations between heavy rain and beautiful sunlight. We all had breakfast together in the morning before breaking off and doing our own things for the day. I decided to wander straight up the Royal Mile, and check out St Giles Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle.

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is on next weekend, so right now the esplanade is in the process of being converted into a giant arena of sorts.

By about midday I was getting pretty peckish, so Mum and I decided what better place to visit than "The Elephant House". That name may not mean much to most, but just about every single person on the planet is familiar with what was created here. This cafe, and in fact the table pictured below is where JK Rowling came up with and wrote the Harry Potter series. Just outside the window is a beautiful view of Edinburgh Castle (it's easy to see where the idea for Hogwarts came from).

After a long lunch, Mum and I went our seperate ways again. Her to catch up with a friend, and I for a long walk around Edinburgh Castle through the Princes Street Gardens.

The last time I came to Edinburgh, one of my favourite walks was to the top of Calton Hill for an excellent view of the eastern part of the city. This time around it was raining quite heavily, but it was nothing that wouldn't dry out by the morning.

The following day, we all packed up and started our seperate journeys back to London. Sarah, Carmel and I would catch the train home, while Mark and Lisa would drive, stopping at York for a night along the way.

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