Covent Garden: Alienating Chavs since 1630

One twenty-four hour flight, two stopovers and a case of "swollen ankle syndrome" later, and here I am - beautiful sunny London! For the next month I'll be exploring England, Scotland and France with my family, taking in as much of the European Summer as I possibly can, and recharging the batteries after what has been a hectic year of work and travel already.

So first up, our lodgings. One of the best parts of travelling with my Aunty Lisa (outside of her company in general) is that she has an uncanny ability to track down the absolute best accommodation in any city. This time around she's set us up a "base camp" of sorts, and hired out a 4 story town house in Hammersmith, West London. The house itself is in a little gated community, with the old Harrod's Furniture Store as the centrepiece.

For our first morning on the town, we jumped on a train in Hammersmith and ventured into Regent's Canal to catch up with our cousin, Candice and partner Zoltan for brunch.

With full stomachs, we started to consider what we would get up to for the rest of the afternoon. This being my Mum's first time in the UK, I thought it might be nice for her to see one of the great London icons early on in the trip, so off to Westminster we went.

Old mate Big Ben is currently being restored (and will be until 2021!), so is covered in scaffolding - but seeing the Houses of Parliament over the Thames will always be impressive. The crowd however was just about impossible to navigate, so we decided to make a move to somewhere a little quieter to spend the rest of the day - Covent Garden.

After consuming my own body weight in ice cream, and with the jet lag starting to get the better of us, we eventually hopped onto the tube and made our way back to Hammersmith for a quiet evening at home.

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