Have I mentioned that I love my job? Because I do. I really do.

I'm currently writing this from a poolside banana lounge, sipping from an oversized bottle of Bin Tang - and contemplating how much longer I can sit here roasting in the sun before jumping into the water (I give it 10 minutes).

Both Steve and I were flown out here earlier in the week to photograph & film the wedding of our now good friends, Sam + Thoren. We arrived Monday afternoon, and were watching them say their I-Do's by Wednesday.

With the wedding wrapped up, Steve flew back home on Thursday night - and I've stayed on for another week to recharge the batteries a bit.

"But Kyle" I hear you say. "Weren't you in New Zealand recharging your batteries only a few months ago?". Well, yes. It's a different kind of recharging though, I swear! In New Zealand I was constantly moving around, with very little downtime in between adventures. This holiday? Well, the majority of my adventures have revolved around deciding what to read by the pool for the day.

That's not to say I've stopped taking photos though. Yesterday I quickly popped down to Kuta beach to have a bit of a poke around.

A quick photography tidbit for those following along. For obvious reasons, I shot the wedding on Wednesday with my professional gear (two 5D's, and a bunch of Canon primes). For the remainder of the trip though, I'm switching exclusively to the XT1 to put it through it's paces. So far so good, just have a look at the tones it's picking up in the images above! There's something really silky about them, I love it.

Anyway, it's been 10 minutes - and I'm ready to jump into that pool!

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