Day 22 & 23 - Dunedin

My plans for Dunedin have been a moving target the whole trip. I was originally going to skip it all together, but then thought I should at least come out for a day. That day then turned into a nights stay, and here I am now - typing this up on my second night in town. I kind of love it here.

From the beaches, to the completely Scottish influenced architecture and city planning (I could have easily been fooled into thinking I was back in Edinburgh), the whole place has a feel about it that I instantly fell in love with.

My full day of exploring started off at the Dunedin Railway Station, which is supposedly the most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere. I'm somewhat skeptical of this claim (are they aware they're in the same hemisphere as the Opera House?), but it was worth a visit nonetheless!

Then a quick walk around town. It really is crazy just how much this place reminds me of Scotland. From the buildings, right down to the perpetual twilight (the sun never quite hits a high enough point in the sky - casting long shadows all day) - it's all incredibly familiar.

It was then off to the steepest street in the world, Baldwin Street! Dunedin seem to be making a lot of claims here, and again - I was skeptical of this one. That was until I saw & climbed it. Yep, it's definitely steep!

My final stop for the day was at Tunnel Beach. This was the one place that everybody agreed was a must see in Dunedin. It was also a 1 hour return hike (which after my exploring, became a 3 hour hike). My legs were still screaming at me over the other days Mount Roy climb, but I couldn't miss out on this place. I'm really glad I made it down the hill, because this was my reward.

All in all, an excellent couple of days spent down south! Tomorrow, it's back through Queenstown to catch up with the family again, and then up to the West Coast for the final leg of my trip. There's not much longer to go now, but still so much to squeeze in.

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