Day 19 & 20 - Queenstown

Queenstown! In my opinion, one of the most beautifully located cities in the world. Completely surrounded by snowcapped mountains, and enormous lakes - it's home to less than 15,000 people, giving it a small town feel in a big city setting.

This morning we wandered down to the centre of it all for a quick bite of breakfast, before catching a gondola up the side of Ben Lomond, which offers the best views of Queenstown.

I could have spent the entire day standing on the observation deck just watching the city, but Ben Lomond has another activity lurking on top of it.

A luge track!

Not my video, but this gives a good idea of the track.

So damn cool! I didn't have a GoPro on me to film whilst racing - but the video above should give a good idea of what we were getting up to. Needless to say, this consumed a decent portion of our afternoon. By the time we were done, the sun was going down and it was time to return to the hotel. A quick nightcap at the bar, and it's back upstairs for the evening. I must admit, I'm enjoying being indoors again!

I've decided to edit this post, and drop some extra shots in here from Day 20 spent in Queenstown. 

The day was spent just meandering around town, trying to absorb as much of it as I could before I head back out into the country. I still maintain that Queenstown is one of the most beautifully located cities in the world, but the city itself is fairly basic. That's not necessarily a bad thing though! I think if it were any more, the charm of Queenstown would be lost, and that would be a real shame.

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