Day 25 - Franz Josef

Before I came to New Zealand, I wrote up a fairly basic list of experiences I wanted to have whilst over here. Hike to Mount Cook, climb Mount Roy, cruise Milford Sound, visit Hobbiton and eat at Fergburger. All of these were relatively easy to check off, as they were either free, reasonably priced or non-contingent on the weather.

There was one more thing I wanted to do though, although I'd completely written it off because of the price, and how weather dependent it was. It would seem all of the stars aligned for me today though, because another item has been checked off the bucket list.

More on that in a minute though. First, let me start with what we got up to this afternoon - a hike to the Franz Josef Glacier with my Uncle Mark.

It's crazy getting to see just how much the glacier has receded in recent years (there's markers spaced out the whole way up the valley).

The hike was awesome, but in the grand scheme of things - only served to compliment what we got up to this morning...

That's right, we flew right up into the glacier! Holy shit, what a massive bucket list item to check off. Not only did I get to see the glacier before it recedes up the mountain entirely, but I got to actually experience it up close. This was such a big thing that I wasn't expecting to get done on this trip, but here I am writing this up - an incredibly happy man.

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