Day 16 - Arrowtown

Alright, so I'm under no illusions - Arrowtown is a tourist town. If I had to describe it for folks back home, it's essentially Sassafras, or Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges. It's a well preserved, old school town that attracts weekenders and holiday makers. There's a reason these types of towns are tourist destinations though - they're super nice. I totally buy into Arrowtown, and holy shit do I love it.

This morning I rented a bike for a few hours to cycle around and get my bearings a bit. A few Lord of the Rings locations later ("if you want him, come and claim him!"), and a place scoped out for breakfast - I was all set to walk the town.

That's right, there's even a massive lolly shop that gives out free fudge samples. Being a mature adult, naturally I went for the "Farts" flavour.

Once I'd had my fill of fudge, it was back down to the river behind the town to check out the Lord of the Rings location once again. How about the colour in these trees though! It's incredible, and they surround the entire town. Apparently I've picked the perfect time of the year to come to Arrowtown.

Tonight it's back up north a little bit to Cardrona to catch up with my family. Then tomorrow, the drive to Milford Sound! This one is a biggie, Milford Sound is one of those places I've wanted to see my entire life - and now I'm only one day away from it.

Camera Nerd Corner

Today something dawned on me. Fuck using a DSLR for travel. Seriously. They're big, they're heavy, they cost a fortune to insure, and they're super obnoxious. Everyone sees the massive camera coming through, everyone hears the shutter, everybody has questions. Ordinarily I'm super happy to talk cameras with people, but I'm on holiday - I kind of just want to enjoy what I'm doing.

Today was completely shot on the Fuji X-T1 with my 35mm f2 & 18-55 f2.8. It was light, it was quiet, and I carried both lenses around in my pockets. It's the perfect travel camera. I dare say this will be the last time I ever travel with a DSLR. The difference in image quality just isn't enough to justify lugging around the amount of equipment that I have, and the stress of having it with me has been insanely high. I've never felt comfortable leaving gear in a car, and that has tripled with the introduction of a giant van that screams "HEY, MY ENTIRE LIFE IS IN HERE AT THE MOMENT, TAKE A LOOK!". (Any New Zealand readers getting ideas - my cameras now stay on my person at all times!).

Between now and my next adventure, I can almost guarantee I'll be investing in some more Fuji glass (perhaps a newer body, too) and leave the Canon at work where it belongs.

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