Day 15 - Wanaka to Arrowtown

The last two days in Wanaka have done me a world of good. Despite waking up to one of the gloomiest looking days of the trip so far, I was feeling a million bucks - and ready to hit the road again.

I chose a relatively easy hike for today to dip my toes back into the water. The Blue Pools Track, about an hour north of Wanaka.

Upon reaching the pools (which turned out to be green), I still had way too much energy, I wanted to press on! So I ventured deeper into the woods.

The air was super thick, and weirdly sweet, and I could feel the forest getting thicker around me. I carried on for some time, before suddenly stepping out into large clearing, and being presented with this view.

“How beautiful is that”, I thought. “I wonder how many people get to see this - I can’t imagine too many do any tracks beyond the pools…hang on, is that a Nissan Tiida?”.

It was. I’d walked to a carpark. Even worse, it was literally just around the corner from where I’d parked. What a nunce.

As I made my way back down south, I decided that I’d be staying in Arrowtown for the next couple of nights. From everything I’ve seen online, its beautiful around this time of year - and it’s somewhat nearby where my family will be arriving tomorrow night.

I wasn’t expecting the drive into Arrowtown to be quite as spectacular as it was though.

Another thing that stood out, how gnarly is that flight path into Queenstown!? Right down between two mountains, that’s impressive.

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