Day 14 - Wanaka

After waking up this morning to heavy fog over Roy's Peak, I thought "stuff it - rest day it is". So I've set up shop in a cafe by the lake, and I'm not moving until they boot me out. Even then, I won't go without a fuss - it's so nice in here. A fireplace in the corner, a decent flat white and free internet. Just shy of the trips halfway point, I really needed this to recharge the batteries a bit.

The plan for tomorrow is to head a bit further north from Wanaka to do the "Blue Pools Walk" in Mount Aspiring National Park. From there, it's back down to Cardrona on Thursday to meet up with my Mum, Auntie & Uncle who are flying over for a couple of weeks. I'm particularly excited for this. I'm beginning to think that if I went too much longer without seeing a familiar face, I might start turning into some kind of mountain man.

Photographer from Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. I like coffee, and doing internet things. Nice to meet you.