Day 11 - Fairlie to Tekapo

One thing I haven’t mentioned so much on the blog has been my breakfast routine. There’s not much to it, I just get up and whip together some toast/eggs/porridge - whatever’s going that morning. What I also do though, is open up the van door and sit on the steps outside. The fresh air is nice, and it’s good to watch the sunrise - but I’ve found that most people walking by on the course of their morning will also usually stop by for a chat. It’s how I’ve found some of the more hidden places I’ve visited so far.

This morning whilst sitting on the steps, 3 more people told me I needed to visit the Fairlie Bakery for a Pork Belly Pie. This told me two things - the first being that apparently I’m giving out some sort of signal that I’m on the constant prowl for food, and secondly; that I had to visit this damn bakery.

I’m really glad I did. Not only was the pie possibly the best that I’ve ever had (we’re talking the works here - Pork Belly, Apple Sauce & Crackling in a pie!), but this place also made a solid flat white! I haven’t had an excellent coffee since I’ve been here, but this one was straight from home. So to anyone ever passing through Fairlie, I’m now one of those people that recommends a trip to the bakery.

Today was a short enough drive. Just 45 minutes down the road to Tekapo, where I’d be spending the night. Little did I know that there was a surprise waiting for me on the van though, and that it would look to slow me down at least the next couple of days. It turns out that during the drive to Mount Sunday yesterday, I did a tiny bit of damage to the van. Nothing that will stop me driving, but enough that no campground will take me in if they notice the problem.

That would be the pipe connecting to my grey water system, which by the looks of it made contact with a rock at some point yesterday. This means that unless I get it fixed, there’ll be no more use of the kitchen in the van. Which means I’ll need to start having every meal in a restaurant - something I haven’t budgeted for.

So the plan is to stop by a mechanic at Twizel tomorrow morning (organised through the rental company - they really came through on this one!) and let them sort it out. Best case, they fix it on the spot. Worst case, a new van needs to be sent down from Christchurch - and I’m stuck in Twizel for an extra day or two. Fingers crossed I’m out of there quickly, and I can keep my plans of doing the “Hooker Valley Walk” on Monday before the weather turns crappy again.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom. The good thing about finding all of this out in Tekapo, is that I’m in Tekapo! I mean just have a look at this place.

I sorted out my accommodation for the night, and wandered off on a hike. The plan was to head up Mount John to the observatory - but I kind of took the wrong track, got lost and ended up 4km in the wrong direction. Oh well, it was beautiful nonetheless!

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