Day 9 - Moana to Glentunnel

In the lead up to this trip, I spent hours on Google Street View just looking up and down Arthurs Pass & Castle Hill. It's regarded as some of them most striking scenery in the world, and from everything I'd seen online - rightfully so!

In the end, no amount of research could have prepared me for how it was in the flesh. There's no photo I've seen that does it justice, and I don't know that any photo ever could.

It's a combination of things, the sound, the smell and the overall experience of actually driving through the place that makes it what it is. I've tried to capture it as best I could, but unfortunately I've fallen horrendously short. It's somewhat humbling to be shot down like that, and know that however I tried to photograph the day - I don't think there's anything I could have done differently to accurately show it to people back home. I'm not hurting over that, but rather incredibly happy that there's something else I'll be able to continue visiting over the years, and have it be fresh every time.

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