Day 6 - Featherston to Picton

This morning I woke up in the small town of Featherston, and holy shit did I feel good. The cold I've been nursing all week has finally cleared up, and for the first time on the trip - the day started and ended with blue skies. So with a bit of an extra spring in my step, I started off on the 2 hour drive back to Wellington. There was one stop I had to make on the way back though.

That's right, Rivendell! The set was on the way back into town, so you bet I stopped off there.

There's surprisingly little to photograph as far as the set is concerned (all but one section was torn down after the films wrapped) - but you can still make out small areas that were used with the help of some boards plastered with screenshots.

Eventually, I decided to finally make my way back into Wellington to spend the rest of the afternoon waiting for the ferry. As a place to visit, Wellington isn't awful - but as I mentioned in a previous post, it's not what I came to New Zealand to see.

After a quick walk through the city, and a much needed bite to eat/real coffee, I decided to visit the Museum to check out the Gallipoli exhibit. The sculptures in the photos were put together by the Weta Studio - the same team that did the prop design for The Lord of the Rings. Not only are they incredibly realistic, but they're enormous. It's hard to get a sense of scale in the photos, but they completely fill the rooms they're in - easily the size of 4 people.

To finish off the day, I grabbed another coffee at the harbour and enjoyed the sunset. I'm now writing this on board the ferry to Picton, where I've decided to grab a sleeper cabin, and hopefully get a bit of shut eye. Tomorrow, the South Island journey begins!

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