Day 1 - Auckland to Matamata

Well, technically day two - but yesterday was pretty uneventful. I spent last night just across the road from Auckland Airport, at the Ibis Budget Hotel. The evening mostly involved me walking downstairs to grab some "fush n' chups" from the restaurant under the hotel, and then conking out at 9pm.

Today was a little bit more interesting though. This morning I wandered over to pick up my camper van from "Mighty Rentals". Being the off season though, and because I'm travelling for slightly longer than most other tourists at the moment - they upgraded me to the enormous Britz beast I will henceforth refer to as "Gertrude".

"Gertrude" or "Gerty"

"Gertrude" or "Gerty"

Gerty and I have already been on some adventures together. It absolutely belted down with rain today, which made getting out of Auckland interesting. Back home I drive a little Mazda 3 Hatch, so Gerty is ever so slightly different. For instance, where my Mazda generally doesn't mind a bit of wind - Gerty threatens to hurl me off the side of the freeway with every gust. Just little differences.

Regardless of the wind, I made it out of Auckland; and was on my way to my accommodation for the evening. For tonight, I've chosen the Opal Hot Springs in Matamata. $20 for a powered site, and only a relatively small amount of driving to get there.

Oh yeah, so Matamata? It's where Hobbiton is! I mean holy shit - it's just down the road from where I'm sleeping tonight! I've booked my tour for 10am tomorrow morning, so here's hoping the weather holds out for me. Oh, and that quaint little building in the photos above? That's the tourist information centre for Matamata - or "iSite". How cool is that!?

Once I stopped gushing over where I was, I decided to wander a little further down the road to check out the "Wairere Falls". I'll let the photos do the talking from here on.

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