It was a weird series of circumstances that lead me to becoming a photographer. Originally a wedding sales coordinator, studying advertising and later IT - I hadn't touched a real camera until I was into my twenties. When I finally did though, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.

Chance encounters, and several lucky breaks culminated in me meeting Steven Boyle - a wedding videographer at the time running "Allsorts Films". Years later, I'm now the photography half of "Allsorts Pictures". Together, we operate a full time studio in Bayswater, specialising in wedding photography + films, studio portraits and commercial work.

I also love to travel. My work has taken me to parts of Asia, including Thailand, Singapore and Bali. I've also travelled  Europe and North America.

The incredibly charming illustration of me at the head of this website was drawn by artist Zoe Harriet. Check her work out at